About Heather

About Heather

Heather MartinAs a freelancer, I’ve copyedited trade fiction, manga, marketing copy, catalogues, blog content, scholarly monographs, graduate theses, policy reports, and higher-education textbooks. I’ve also proofread trade nonfiction books and scholarly articles and provided other editorial services like fact-checking and multimedia quality control. Before becoming a freelancer, I worked in-house at two of Canada’s largest publishers. At Nelson Education, I helped create a wide variety of print and digital educational resources, and at Harlequin Books, I proofread and copyedited trade fiction and nonfiction books.

Before entering the world of publishing, I taught English usage and style to students at the University of Guelph’s Learning and Writing Centre, the University of Victoria’s Faculty of Business, and Queen’s University’s Faculty of Applied Science.

I hold a BA in honours English (University of Guelph) and an MA in English language and literature (University of Victoria) as well as a post-graduate certificate in publishing (Ryerson University). Throughout my career, I’ve routinely attended professional development seminars, as well, to ensure I maintain and continue to improve my editorial skills.

In my spare time, I enjoy photography, blogging about words, and tromping about in the great outdoors.

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