Line Editing

Drawing on my editorial experience with technical writing, educational writing, scholarly writing, and trade fiction and nonfiction writing, I will edit your manuscript for overall organization, desired length, audience-appropriate diction, clarity of meaning, and flow.

Copy Editing

I will edit your work—short or long—for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other mechanics of style. I will also ensure that the internal facts and style of your text are consistent, will flag any copyright or trademark issues, and will alert you to inaccuracies and potentially libelous content. Most important, I will ensure that after the errors and infelicities are scoured away, your voice and message remain.


Once you have a formatted file in hand, your next step is a proofread. I can complete a copy-to-copy proofread of your formatted work against the manuscript to ensure that it has been formatted correctly and that any author alterations have been faithfully transcribed, or I can conduct a cold proofread of the formatted file alone. Either way, your work will be reviewed for correctness, for adherence to house style, and with a view to solving any typesetting concerns.

Rates for services are dependent on the length and nature of the work required. Please contact me for a quote.