“Heather’s impressive facility with the English language, her meticulous eye for detail and her boundless patience opened my eyes to what a really good editor can accomplish. She made my work shine. In addition, her services were professional throughout: from her initial estimate and sample copy edit through to the final marked-up text, Heather completely surpassed my expectations. I would recommend Heather as an essential first stop for anyone who produces written work.”
Lynne Bradley, PhD, author of Adapting King Lear for the Stage

“Heather undertook the copyedit of my novel and from the outset, I was impressed by her professionalism and assessment of the parameters of the project. Her edits showed a clear grasp of the intended audience, and in her handling of the text, she combined thoroughness and attention to detail with a light, unobtrusive touch. Needless to say, the project was completed at the agreed deadline. Heather was an absolute pleasure to work with and I would work with her again in a heartbeat!
Claire Horsnell, PhD, author of The Crowsbrook Demons

“Heather Martin is not only a fantastic copyeditor but a wonderful person to work with. She corrects grammar and style errors with a high level of accuracy while preserving the author’s voice. She also identifies and offers solutions for internal inconsistencies in story lines; queries with clarity, tact and respect; and meets deadlines without fail. I have always felt completely confident in Heather’s work, knowing that she makes every piece of writing stronger with her skill and diligence, and she makes my job easier by keeping the author’s feelings and intentions in mind.”
Laura Barth, associate editor at Harlequin Books

“When I received the copyedited version of my manuscript, I was stunned. Not only were the punctuation and spelling mistakes immaculately cleaned up, but also Heather went way beyond my expectations. She tracked the novel’s timeline, pointing out places where it was off, she noticed minute details in early chapters that appeared differently in subsequent chapters, she even noticed geographic errors in my African setting. Further, she read the work deeply enough to be able to point out places where characters were acting in ways that seemed inconsistent with their personalities. These are mistakes that readers would have noticed and been distracted by. Mistakes I’m grateful won’t appear in the published book because, ultimately, they’d reflect on me. In short, Heather took the manuscript and polished it beautifully. Her name won’t appear on the cover, but make no mistake—she was a critical contributor!”
Adrienne Benson, author of The Brightest Sun