Changed to avoid use of the problematic term “gypsy,” which may be offensive to some readers. (See http://www.utexas.edu/features/archive/2003/romani.html)

[she said in her low, husky voice] This trope is often used to describe trans women’s voices, and some readers may feel it suggests a critique of Tina’s femininity – perhaps “in a worried, warm-hearted tone,” or something similar could work instead?

Some readers may wonder if this emphasis on Tina’s height is questioning her femininity and/or raising the question of her transgender status at a time when it isn’t germane to what’s happening in the scene (thus failing to treat Tina simply as a woman)– is it important to mention her height here?

[Well, I’m dyslexic, so . . .] I don’t understand how Archer’s dyxlexia relates to his jealousy or his reluctance to start a relationship. Perhaps this sentence could read something like “Well, I’m making up for lost time . . .” instead.